Wonder Core 2 - The New Revolution fitness System!


Key Features

  • 1Core Spring DesignYour muscles are firing throughout the entire range of motion, on the way down as well as on the way up!
  • 2 Beyond 180 DegreesWonder Core can go beyond 180 degrees with an extended range of motion to target your core like never before!
  • 3Ergonomic DesignIts unique ergonomic design focuses the resistance like a laser right on your upper, middle, lower abs and your obliques, so there’s no wasted effort or wasted time!
  • 4Core Band DesignNew Core Band make you get rowing motion,the new way for fitness.
  • 5Core Band motionYou can doing rowing,chest expanding exercise and more.
  • 6Tighten That PoochYou can do a lower ab press to really tighten that pooch!
  • 7Upper Body StretchWhen you’re done, lay back for a soothing upper body stretch.
  • 8Total Core WorkoutYou can do crunches, reverse crunches, obliques twists, lower ab tucks, a lower Ab press and stretch , rowing and more fitness sport.
  • 9200% More Muscle ActivityProven in university testing to show over 200% more muscle activity than regular ab exercises on the floor!

Wonder Core II Patent

Korea Patent 20-2013-0001942
Taiwan Patent M460690
China Patent 201320251188.8
USA Patent 10/013,046
Japan Patent 2013-4260
China Patent 251136
Europe Patent 002305086

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