Wonder Core Twist - The New Revolution fitness System!


Key Features

  • 1360° Rotating SeatA brand new integrated precision rotating seat allows you to twist away the fat & take your Core workouts to a whole new level!
  • 2Adjustable Resistance with IndicatorCleverly hidden interlocking springs and precision dials on each side that gives adjustable resistance.
  • 3Slim & CompactIt’s easy to fold up for storage and allows you to bring it with you and work out anytime, anywhere.
  • 4Patented Core SpringIngenious durable core springs with excellent durability which provide 12 to 24 kgs of resistance per side.
  • 5Full Body WorkoutGive you an amazing core & total body workout. Work out your arms, triceps, chest, back and even your legs. You can do it all on the Wonder Core Twist!
  • 6D-Shape Tube DesignEasier to grip and with streamlined design. Full hinge covering for safety purpose.

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