Wonder Core Smart - The New Revolution fitness System!


Key Features

  • 1Core Spring DesignYour muscles are firing throughout the entire range of motion, on the way down as well as on the way up!
  • 2Ergonomic DesignIts unique ergonomic design focuses the resistance like a laser right on your upper, middle, lower abs and your obliques, so there’s no wasted effort or wasted time!
  • 3Total Core WorkoutYou can do crunches, reverse crunches, obliques twists, lower ab tucks, a lower Ab press and stretch , rowing and more fitness sport.
  • 4Start Working Out Anyplace,AnytimeEasy body sculpting with no limitationsLaid back exercising that is simple start working out today
  • 5Creatively designed rotating knobTo increase intensity, rotate knob to the right. to reduce intensity, rotate knob to the left. The knob’s distinctive design eliminates predetermined intensity levels so that users of all different ages can effortlessly find an intensity level that best fits them and their workout.

Wonder Core Smart Patent

China Patent 3306422
Japan Patent 3186421
Korea Patent 20-2013-0009359
Taiwan Patent M462133
USA Patent 13/970,473
Germany Patent 202014101072.6

Worldwide Trademark Registered

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