Wonder Core Cycle


Key Features

  • 1CYCLING PLUS ROWING Wonder Core Cycle is the world’s first fitness system with the proven fat blasting, calorie scorching performance of Cycling & combines it with a complete supercharged upper body workout at the same time.
  • 2STRENGTH WORKOUT Tone and strengthen entire body.
  • 3HEART POUNDING CARDIO WORKOUTScorch away calories and burn unwanted fat.
  • 4ROWING BANDS WORKOUTSupercharge upper body workout on your back, biceps, triceps and shoulders.
  • 5ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCEThree adjustable levels for rowing resistance and eight levels for cycling system. Perfectly suited to any fitness level.
  • 6SEAT AND DISPLAYThe seat is comfortable and adjustable and with the digital LCD panel that helps you monitor your progress.

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