ridetutor-horse riding machine


Whether your goal is to develop riding skill or simply keep fit, BODYORBIT Horse riding machine can help you attain it.

Horse riding machine, the newly released product of BODYORBIT Company, is a professional-grad trainer for horseback riding. The unique model of BODYORBIT Horse riding machine simulates a real horse's natural gaits, walk, Canter, and gallop. Worldwide Patented Including Utility and Design.

What you can do with Horse riding machine
1. Providing a realistic ride for novice riders and those who want to develop riding skills, confidence and stamina.
2. Effective workout for those who want to keep fit, tone their body shape and train their core muscles. 3. Excellent alternative for the Therapeutic horseback riding.

Specifications BROCHURE

Designed use: Consumer
Maximum user weight: 265 pounds / 120 kilograms
Power supply: AC230 / 50HZ or AC110 / 50HZ
Power Consumption: 350w
Pre-Set Programs: 5
Speed Adjustment: 9 Levels
Console displays: Speed, Program, Timer, Proficiency, and Power.
Color: Gray with Black.

Length: 45 inches / 114 centimeters
Width: 23 inches / 58 centimeters
Height: 37 inches / 95 centimeters
Weight: 139 pounds / 63 kilograms

Length: 51 inches / 129 centimeters
Width: 20 inches / 52 centimeters
Height: 35 inches / 88 centimeters
Weight: 163 pounds / 74 kilograms


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Product Manager: Jeff Chen
Telephone:+886 42531 7222
FAX:+886 42531 8112

Key Features

  • 1SimulatingSimulating the real horse movement helps to build physical strength and endurance
  • 2StrengthenStrengthen abdominal, obliques, thigh & back muscles
  • 3EffectivelyEffectively strengthen the spine and helps to maintain a good posture, develop muscles strength and flexibility, trains the nerve system to improve motor function
  • 4Increase basal metabolismIncrease basal metabolism rate and lung capacity, promotes blood circulation
  • 55 programmed5 programmed training courses plus manual operations to satisfy various needs
  • 69 levels of speed9 levels of speed control.
  • 7Proficiency adjustsProficiency adjusts plus Emergency-Off switch for the safety
  • 8Total-body workoutTotal-body workout(Back, obliques, quadriceps, gluteus maximums, abdominal, and thighs)
  • 9Promote the circulationPromotes the circulation of the blood